Malwarebytes Component Update 3.6.1 v1.0.508 released December 6, 2018

Component Update 3.6.1 v1.0.508 released

Greetings once again, moments ago we started propagating a new components package upgrade to our Windows 7 and later Users.

This release includes the following:

Performance/protective capability and Usability

  • Enhancements for the Web Protection module
  • Minor Improvements for the UI experience
  • Continued improvements to overall protection, detection and remediation
  • Improved performance and stability

Stability/issues fixed

  • Addressed protection modules in general fail to start occasionally and under certain circumstances
  • Fixed “Valid QT Plugin Path…” error message occasionally found on isolated systems
  • Few more Accessibility Issues Fixed

As always, thank you so much to all of our Malwarebytes community.


The component package is delivered directly into the running application as it automatically propagates or as soon as our Users click on the “Install Application Updates” button on the Application Settings panel.

Full Installers carrying (pre-built with) this latest component package will be available through all our online links in the next couple of days.