Windows IoT core was originally released with support for x86 and ARM. These are 32bit OS flavors for ARM and Intel based processors. Later came x64 for the Intel line.

Now, with the release of Windows 10 1809 we are seeing an associated ARM64 IoT release.

A September 2018 IoT Core refresh now includes the ARM64 bits along with the x86, x64 and ARM. This rounds of the offering and we can expect to see more ARM64 offerings.

We should expect to see the Raspberry Pi 3 and the i.MX8 platform now support 64 bit ARM as these are based on the 64bit A53 ARM core.

I have been doing some preliminary builds of ARM64 IoT Core on the i.MX8 platform using the new NXP evaluation kit.

Looks very promising …. stay tuned!