According to this post it looks like Android Things never got the reception Google may have wished for.

They seem to be dropping public support for the platform and just concentrating on OEMs (which smells like marketing spin to me). Strange since they were touting 3 year commitment just a few months ago. I guess they may still do the security updates but we will never see the rich public platforms they were once promising.

Having been burned by Intel (they unexpectedly dropped support for many of their development platforms), Atmel and Microsoft many times in the past it comes as no surprise to me. Many times corporate expectations don’t exactly align with customers or the public. Especially when it comes to the bottom line ($$).

Its hard for a platform to acquire the critical mass to keep it around going forward. Many times I have been asked “How long do you think Intel will continue making 80186 chips”. My answer “As long as they continue to make money on it!”  says it all.