Another Cluster Blog ?

Another Cluster Blog ?


That is the question, which was haunting me for the better part of last year. There are already good Cluster Blogs out there by MVPs, which pretty much cover all topics adequately. From new features, which are introduced, to inner workings of Geographically Dispersed Clustering, all is already covered.


Here they are


The blog from the cluster team in Microsoft:


Then the various MVPs (in no particular order)


Russ Kaufmann:

Rodney R. Fournier (former MVP):

John Toner:

Nail Own (in German):


So why would I blog about clustering?

What can I write without repeating what has already been said?


Well, maybe there is a small subject, which I can publish, and that is the topic of troubleshooting, Cluster log analysis, and maybe “this is how it works” articles.


Saying that, and realizing that this is going to be dry, geeky and theoretical; I probably loose 95% of the intended audience with my first blog, and general people going to be “bored out of their brains”. However, if there is only 1 person out there which I can help by blogging about troubleshooting, or 1 person out there which gets the “aha !” moment, then I have reached my goal with this blog.


So, cluster analysis and cluster log files, that is going to be the red line in this blog.


Let me briefly introduce myself :


My name is Edwin van Mierlo, and for those who are wondering, that is a Dutch name.

I moved from Holland to the South West of Ireland about 11 years ago. Married, no children (yet), no pets other than my stack of PC’s in one of the spare rooms at home.


I am indeed a “geek”, as many who know me would undoubtedly agree; I love computers, technology and off course Failover Clustering !


I work for EMC ( in Customer Service and in my role I deal with Clusters on a daily basis. Hence the topic of Cluster troubleshooting and cluster log analysis. My specialty is Geographically Dispersed Clustering, same as another cluster MVP – John Toner, but as John is already blogging about this, and doing a great job, I will only blog about it if I get an interesting troubleshooting case.


As you know now that I am working for a storage company, it should be of no surprise that I will blog about some disk problems. Having that said, I will not limit my topics to disk, I will take any real life example I am involved in. I will try to publish some “how does it work” articles as well, just to increase knowledge on internal cluster operations.


Just a little disclaimer. I do publish information to my best knowledge, ability and experience, however there is always the risk that the information I am posting is not accurate. When you find inaccuracies, please do notify me! For two reasons, one so I can correct the post, second; so I can learn as well! Oh.. be gentle, this is after all my first blog.


If you have any questions, you can leave a response here, or you can find me (and all the other Cluster MVPs) in the clustering newsgroups.



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