IsAlive and LooksAlive, and “Physical Disk Resource”

  Ok, so this is my first blog post, oh boy; to pick a topic, well here goes: lets talk about disk IsAlive and LooksAlive, and about what exactly is the “Physical Disk Resource” in Cluster. Reason for this is that I want to build up some general knowledge about terminology and operations before I start to bore you with troubleshooting stories.    IsAlive and LooksAlive:  This is my current understanding on how this works for clustered disks in Windows 2003:  Many definitions are given to these terms. In order to troubleshoot clusters in general, we need to understand what … Continue reading IsAlive and LooksAlive, and “Physical Disk Resource”

Another Cluster Blog ?

Another Cluster Blog ?  That is the question, which was haunting me for the better part of last year. There are already good Cluster Blogs out there by MVPs, which pretty much cover all topics adequately. From new features, which are introduced, to inner workings of Geographically Dispersed Clustering, all is already covered.  Here they are  The blog from the cluster team in Microsoft:   Then the various MVPs (in no particular order)  Russ Kaufmann: Rodney R. Fournier (former MVP): John Toner: Nail Own (in German):    So why would I blog about clustering? What … Continue reading Another Cluster Blog ?