Exchange Quick Tweaks

So, you’ve just finished your brand new Exchange Server 2003 installation. What should you do next?
Well, there are some immediate things you can do to improve or optimize your environment. That’s what I call Exchange quick tweaks.

  1. Install Exchange Service Pack 1 and latest patches;

  2. Configure Backups. Make sure you have at least one weekly full online backup;

  3. Move the databases and logs to the definitive location;

  4. Install Exchange anti-virus software;

  5. Start planning (if haven’t already done it) your anti-spam strategy. In today’s messaging reality it’s impossible not to have some kind of spam fighting tool;

  6. Create System Policies for your stores and for your servers, even you have just one of each;

  7. Install Exchange Best Practices Analyzer on a separate server and run it against your Exchange server. It will give you valuable suggestions, such as memory optimization and performance tuning;

  8. Install (and use it!) some monitoring software. It doesn’t have to be MOM, you can use more simpler ones, like Servers Alive or Big Brother;

  9. Start reading some Exchange blogs (it doesn’t have to be mine :)). You Had Me At EHLO is indispensable.

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