1 podcast, 1 white paper, 2 datasheets

A podcast, a white paper and 2 datasheets, those are the latest messaging related technical resources available to download from Microsoft.

  • Podcasts: How Microsoft IT Implemented New Storage Designs for Exchange Server 2007 – How does Exchange Server 2007 enable a large enterprise to increase mailbox quotas globally by a factor of ten and still lower storage costs, reduce maintenance complexities, and simplify data recovery processes? Microsoft IT was able to take advantage of Cluster Continuous Replication (CCR) in new mailbox server designs based on direct attached storage (DAS). Advantages of CCR and DAS over alternative configurations will be discussed along with how MSIT was able to eliminate storage as a single point of failure while at the same time lowering costs to two dollars per gigabyte.
  • HMC 4.0 – Microsoft Exchange Server 2007 Service Pack 1 White Paper – This white paper introduces the Microsoft Exchange Server 2007 Service Pack 1 (SP1) new features related to the Microsoft Solution for Hosted Messaging and Collaboration version 4.0. In particular, it addresses key features in anywhere access, built-in protection, and operation efficiency.
  • Exchange Hosted Services Archive Datasheet – Today’s business demands the need for a centralized, easily accessible and multi-functioning mail repository. Exchange Hosted Archive (EHA) assists with this enterprise goal.
  • Exchange Hosted Services Continuity Datasheet – Microsoft® Exchange Hosted Continuity is a business continuity solution that helps protect and provide continuous access to e-mail for a business and its employees. This datasheet outlines the details and benefits of the Continuity service.

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