PowerShell script for Move-DominoUser cmdlet

Some time ago I blogged about my experience with the Transporter Suite when migrating from Lotus Notes to Exchange 2007.

On that post I mentioned that I had some trouble migrating users with Transporter suite, so I wrote a VBScript to do the job.

Now, the ‘The CollabTools’ Blog posted a PowerShell script that does more or less the same, I don’t know it is related with the error I was getting or not:

# The script below provides the same functionality as move-dominoUser but does not enable
# the email address policy generator [RUS]. The default behavior of move-dominoUser is to
# mailbox enable the user object, apply email address policy as primary addresses and
# then add email addresses from contacts as secondary email addresses. If you intend to
# persist contact email addresses as primary email addresses of the mailbox enabled user,
# then this script is for you.

The PowerShell script is available here.

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