Work Smart Guides

Work Smart Guide Zip Download is a collection of tips, tutorials and general hints about Microsoft communication and collaboration tools.

Amongst them, I would like to highlight the following ones:

  • 0669OutlookSharePointIntegrationOV_WSG XT.docx
  • 0675OutlookSharePointIntegrationGS_WSG XT.docx
  • 0681WorkSmarterwithEmailandTasksCL_WSG XT.docx
  • 0696OutlookEmailSignaturesGetStartedWSG XT.docx
  • 2572_OWAGetStarted_External.docx
  • 2573_Outlook2010_RTM_CalendarScenariosWSG_External.docx
  • 2574_MicrosoftOutlook2010_RTM_WSG_External.docx
  • 2582_ManagingEmailBestPracticesGetStarted_WSG_External.docx

Download customizable versions of Work Smart materials to use as samples and reusable templates that specifically address the scenarios and processes in your information worker environment.

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