Exchange Online Migration Performance Guide

The Exchange Online Migration Performance Guide is a technical document that helps administrators understand the issues that affect a migration to Office 365 and presents best practices for improving migration performance. This guide includes performance results for migrating mailboxes and mailbox data to Office 365 using different migration methods, based on real-world migrations.

There are many paths to migrate Personal Information Management (PIM) data from an on-premises email organization into Microsoft Exchange Online in Microsoft Office 365. When planning a migration to Exchange Online, a common question is about how to improve the performance of data migration. This document will help IT administrators understand migration performance facts and present best practices to improve migration efficiency.
This document doesn’t cover details about how to migrate data.
This document doesn’t provide performance-issue troubleshooting steps.
This document remains high level for external and on-premises matters but goes deeper for Microsoft products and services.
This document assumes that there are no functional issues and that the migration to Office 365 is working correctly.

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