Keep calm and… Happy 10th Anniversary!


It was 10 years ago that this blog was born with an “Ehlo World” post. Many things happened in the email space in these 10 years: Exchange evolved from version 2003 to 2013 (soon to be 2016), the way we consume messages shifted to mobile, the average mailbox quota went from a couple of MB to a few (at least) GB and we witnessed the rise of the Online services.

On the personal side, although I’m no longer an MVP (for professional reasons), I still miss those days and to be part of that passionate community. Nevertheless I try to keep in touch with the technical communities in general by attending events, writing articles and blogging, although not as much as I’d like because my daytime job really keeps me busy (in fact, so busy that I missed this anniversary by 6 days Smile).

Please stay tuned for the next 10 years!