Configuring Exchange SMTP Gateways at Microsoft

Configuring Exchange SMTP Gateways at Microsoft is a new document available for download at the Microsoft site. It describes how Microsoft IT custom configures its SMTP servers to make its mail flow more securely and manageably.

Configuring a Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP) gateway to be secure as well as manageable can be a challenge. The e-mail team at Microsoft IT shares its experience with customers on configuring its Exchange Server 2003 SMTP gateways for optimal performance, security, and manageability.

The Definitive Guide to Exchange Disaster Recovery and Availability

William Lefkovics posted this one on the MS Exchange Blog.

The Definitive Guide to Exchange Disaster Recover and Availability is written by Microsoft Exchange expert Paul Robichaux, and is available as a free download from Content Central.

Chapter 1 – Basics of Exchange Protection – is now available. I guess you’ll have to wait for the rest of the chapters.

You gotta be kiddin’

Once in a while those guys from Microsoft publish some really nice KB articles. Just read this one and have a good laughs (txs Sérgio):

Q257875: STM file association changes when you install a third-party MP3 player

(By the way, who in his perfect sense would install an MP3 player on an Exchange Server?)

There are many, many others. You can find a nice collection at this link:

Funny Microsoft Q Articles

TechNet Magazine, Spring 2005

TechNet MagazineThe new issue of TechNet Magazine, Spring 2005, has finally come out.

All the articles are available online, so you may want to spend some time reading them. There are a couple of articles about Exchange, here are the links:

Be The Master Of Your Domain Rename With Exchange, by Steve Schiemann;
Migration, Active Directory, And You: A Guide for Exchange Admins, by the great guru Nino Bilic.


Weekend reading

For those of you who don’t know, I’m also the author of another blog dedicated to Exchange, but in Portuguese. In this blog, every Friday I post a collection of interesting articles around the subject of messaging. I’ll start doing the same here.

The first suggestion is kind of special for me. Read it and you’ll understand why.