Exchange Server 2007 SP 2 UM Language Packs

The Microsoft Exchange Server 2007 Service Pack 2 Unified Messaging Language Packs (x86 and x64) are now available to download.

Brief Description
This download contains pre-recorded prompts and text to speech data for languages supported by Exchange unified messaging.

Use unified messaging language packs to allow the Exchange Server 2007 system to speak additional languages to callers. This download contains pre-recorded prompts, for example "Welcome, you are connected to Microsoft Exchange" in the language specified by this download. It also enables text to speech translation such that content (e-mail, calendar, contact information, etc.) can be read to the caller in the language of the Unified Messaging language pack.

Additional Information
Make sure that you install this on each Unified Messaging server in the Dial Plan for which you want the language to be available.
Visit this
link to view a list of all the available language packs.