Exchange 2003 /ChooseDC

Exchange 2003 has a new switch that can be used during installation called “/ChooseDC”. By using the switch the installer can specify the GC to be used for the installation.The syntax is:setup.exe /choosedc NameOfDomainControllerToUseIf multiple Exchange servers have to be installed in a short time frame at different sites problems may arise if AD replication does not occur.To avoid such problems the aforementioned switch can be used to point all Exchange servers ,while being installed,to one GC.Description of the /ChooseDC Switch in Exchange Server 2003

Forcing Outlook 2003 to use RPC over HTTP

Connecting to Exchange server via RPC over HTTP may seem to work on a corporate network yet fail when connecting from an external network.When configuring the usage of RPC over HTTP system administrators may test the configuration on their corporate network. Outlook may succesffuly connect even if the Outlook is configured incorrectly since Outlook will fall back to connecting by using RPC over TCP.To disable Outlook’s ability to fallback to using RPC over HTTP create the following value:Value Name: DisableRpcTcpFallbackData: 1Path: HKLM\Software\Microsoft\Office\11.0\Outlook

Creating ADM files

GPOs are great. They are the heart of Active Directory. One of the things I like about GPOs is their ability to expand and include new settings. For a GPO to expand an ADM file has to be built-this file will include the new settings.Microsoft released the a document on the subject.

OWA 2003 Web based administration tool

OWA 2003 is great. It looks good, it feels good and it also has a very cool administration tool.Take a look at the following article about it:Microsoft Outlook Web Access 2003 Web-based AdministrationDownload the tool at the following link

Customizing OWA

Yes it is cool to customize OWA but you shoul really read the fine print on the Exchange license before messing around.OWA 2000To replace the standard image found at the top left corner you should change the file named logo-ie5.gif found at %programfiles%\exchsrvr\exchweb\img . The files size shuld be 138×48 .OWA 2003Since it is more complicated and shiny there are more things to change.The following article describes the different options:Skinning Exchange 2003 OWA