MVP Open Days

I am currently at the MVP Open Days in Pargue and I have to say that I am really enjoying myself.First of all it is snowing-I hadn’t seen snow in around 20 years…so I liked it.In addition to the fun I also worked a bit and I delivered a presnetation focusing on Server Cluster. I will have pictures from the event posted later.

Webcast on DNS

I will be delivering a webcast on DNS in a couple of days:  

MS announces Security Cooperation Program

MS announced yesterday of a Security Cooperation Program intended for goverements. The programwill help governments deal with security threats(in MS products). Take a look at:  

Proactive managemnet

Slogans are something that I do not particulary like-especially if they stay slogans.On the other hand when you start implmenting slogans you may gain an advantage or two.Oneof the widely used slogans for IT managemnet is “Be Proactive”. This is one of the slogans I can relateto. Managing your IT inrastructure in a proactive manner will make you look better to youruser community and managemnet. One of the things I hate most is reacting-when you react since one of your users is calling and saying thatthe E-mail system is down you are in trouble(actually when the users come breaking down your door … Continue reading Proactive managemnet