Proactive managemnet

Slogans are something that I do not particulary like-especially if they stay slogans.
On the other hand when you start implmenting slogans you may gain an advantage or two.One
of the widely used slogans for IT managemnet is “Be Proactive”. This is one of the slogans I can relate
to. Managing your IT inrastructure in a proactive manner will make you look better to your
user community and managemnet.

One of the things I hate most is reacting-when you react since one of your users is calling and saying that
the E-mail system is down you are in trouble(actually when the users come breaking down your door you are
in real trouble).

To be able to be proactive you need tools that will help you be proactive, these tools will keep you up to
date on the status of your systems. Some of these tools may cost money(and a lot of it) while others are free.

One of the tools I have lately came face to face with is called SiteScope from Mercury. I have to admit
that I am very impressed with it. It will provide you with all the info you need without placing a burden on
your systems.

If you want something that is for free(less features) and for windows systems only you can use the
built in System Monitor which is quite good.

It doesn’t really matter what you use-just use something and do yourself a favor be proactive.

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