Why sandboxes are important…or in other words don’t shoot yourself in the leg

Why not you ask?
Well since it may be painfull…

Microsoft released a patch for Exchange 2003(888619). I read the documentation and it seemed to be relatively harmless…so I decided to apply it to my environment.


[Yes,I know that it is extremely important to test patches before they are applied to production servers
but I guess I like living on the edge…yea,right!]

My environment has a front-end/back-end configuration-after the patch was applied to one of my servers OWA
stopped working for the users homed on it.

To make it even worse when I tried applying the patch(before understanding that I have an issue) to my other servers,
I got an error message stating that my server does not have SP1 for Exchange 2003 installed so I can’t install the patch.
I have SP1 installed as far as I can tell.
[I start to get that sinking feeling…]

After removing the patch from the problematic server the service was resumed.

I don’t really know what happened since I didn’t have time to investigate it. I don’t blame anyone for this(nor do I imply that there is a problem with the patch) but myself for not testing the patch and in addition to that it is possible that I have a problem in my environment that caused this.

Be sure to test the effects of a patch to your environment…


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