Exchange 2003 Resource Booking

One of the benefits of having a calendaring application is to useit for resource booking such as conference rooms, special equipmentor actually anything that needs to be shared. The following article by Markus Klein, published at isa very good guide to configuring such resources and working with them:

GPO-Curse or Blessing?

Ok,I know what you are thinking-is he serious?!?! Actually I am serious and as someone that has taught AD classes I have to saythat GPO is the heart of AD. It is the most flexible tool to be used to harness thepower of AD. On the other hand I have seen it become a curse when it is overusedor used incorrectly.In this post I would like to outline the overuse of GPOs. When a large number ofGPOs is created management becomes complicated and in some cases it may becomevery complicated.GPO settings accumulate when several GPOs apply to an object if none of … Continue reading GPO-Curse or Blessing?

Setting the language of the OWA interface

When you work at a multinational/multilingual company the OWA interface’s language might becomeimportant. Currently (Exchange 2003) provides the language of the interface based on the settingsconfigured on the IE used to access OWA. The problem is that at times your users might be logging on to OWA from different locationssuch as airports or Internet cafes which may block the IE settings. In that case your usersmight get the interface in a different language then the one they are used to see. To prevent this from happening you might want to hard code the language used by the OWA interface.The following … Continue reading Setting the language of the OWA interface