Setting the language of the OWA interface

When you work at a multinational/multilingual company the OWA interface’s language might become
important. Currently (Exchange 2003) provides the language of the interface based on the settings
configured on the IE used to access OWA.

The problem is that at times your users might be logging on to OWA from different locations
such as airports or Internet cafes which may block the IE settings. In that case your users
might get the interface in a different language then the one they are used to see.

To prevent this from happening you might want to hard code the language used by the OWA interface.

The following KB article explains how to do it:;en-us;310599&sd=tech

The problem is that as you can see it isn’t that simple. Tal H. (Thanks!!!) created the DLL
file needed for the English language and I have it attached here.

[Disclaimer-Use this file at your own risk. I (or anyone else) do not take any responsibilty
for any damage,direct or indirect, that might be caused by using the attached file.
The file is provided as is,no warranties!!]
(Rename the file to AcceptLanguage.DLL)

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