Testing Memory (RAM)

OK,So why I remembered this is a long and odd story which includes myself forgettingthat I have faulty memory installed on my laptop, wanting to install Fedora Core 6 insideVMware on the same laptop and ending up recompiling the kernel in order to be able toinstall VMware tools and failing… Anyways Microsoft have a nifty tool that allows you to test your memory modulesby burning a CD: http://oca.microsoft.com/en/windiag.asp Yes I know,it has been there for long and might have even mentioned it in the past butbut it’s still useful (and I am getting old…).

So,are we back?

It’s odd how fast time passes. It is even odder considering that I have been warned.I was always told that time will pass faster as I grow older but I wouldn’t believe it…You have a different perspective when standing in different places. So,the question is are we back? Will I be able to switch back into a previous life that I slowly left behindas time passed…doubt it. Do I have a choice? I guess so (even though it’sjust lying to myself).Time to fire up the systemsand remove the rust…