Vista Tip-Administrative CMD

Most administrators use the command prompt to run administrative tasks. The problem is that if you are using Vista, opening the CMD will not allow you to runcommands as an administrator(unclear to me as to why couldn’t they simply let the UACtake care of it). To solve this you could start the CMD using a shortcut with RUNAS, a better solutionthough is creating a shortcut for CMD and setting the check box by the ‘Run as administrator’(Properties>Advanced).

No TELNET client in Vista

As I am getting familiar with Vista I was very surprised to find that theTelnet client is not preinstalled with the OS and it has to be added by: 1. Click Start and go to the Control Panel2. Select Programs and Features3. Select Turn Windows features On or Off.4. Check the Telnet Client option and click OK

Search Abilities in Vista

Finding files in Vista is greatly enhanced. At this stage I don’t want to get into the technicaldetails of how it works yet I would like to focus on the results: You can find anything in Vistaand fast! At first I found it odd that when I open the Start menu I can write directly into a searchbox. Slowly it grew on me. When searching several options will narrow down the results you receive: Prefixing the search with a(or several) criteria you want to use:size>10mb bigdocumentrating:<*** U2 The use of natural language (needs to be turned on by going to … Continue reading Search Abilities in Vista

PayPal and Ebay security for the masses?

By providing a keychain device to PayPal users and additional layer of security will be put inplace. The layer will be in the form of a randomly created password that will be visible on thedevice(in addition to the standard password) that will be needed to access the account: writeReferer(‘’); New PayPal key to help thwart phishers

Paying for security flaws-Ethical?

In a previous post I have discussed the subject of vulnerabilities market-the subject comesup again. It seems that companies currently have programs that will pay people who discovervulnerabilities in OTHER companies products. To me this raises several ethical questions: 1)Why pay for vulnerabilities?It is possible to claim that anything done towards exposing flaws(thus warning theusers and obligating the vendor to fix it) is a good thing.On the other hand doesn’t this cause people to look for these flaw with renewed and addedvigor? And once these people do find a flaw,who will they sell it to,a company that offers a fewthousands … Continue reading Paying for security flaws-Ethical?