Vista Tip-Administrative CMD

Most administrators use the command prompt to run administrative tasks.
The problem is that if you are using Vista, opening the CMD will not allow you to run
commands as an administrator(unclear to me as to why couldn’t they simply let the UAC
take care of it).

To solve this you could start the CMD using a shortcut with RUNAS, a better solution
though is creating a shortcut for CMD and setting the check box by the ‘Run as administrator’

4 thoughts on “Vista Tip-Administrative CMD

  1. You could also just right click on it and say “Run as Administrator”. How often do you need the command line for administrative work anyway.

  2. Hi Matt,

    Thanks for the tip. I have found and still find myself using the command line for runnig administrative scripts(or standard admin commands)quite frequently…


  3. lam using Vista 64 bit Machine, when i run Command prompt(cmd.exe) my machine get restarted by itself. The in changed the settings to ‘Run as Administrator’…still my machine get restarted.

  4. When i launch command prompt, my Vista Machine get restarted autmatically. I tried running with ‘Run as Administrator’ still my machine is getting restarted.Iam using Trial Version of Windows Vista(64 bit).

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