Chicago (Club Mix) – Sufjan Stevens vs Signalrunners

I rarely come upon a piece of music that makes me stop in my tracks and say-WOW! This specific track (Heard it on Above and Beyonds radio show) did that. It has something sad yet happyfolded all into one. The original (which I listened to after hearing the remix) is a bit slower but good none thethe less yet the mixed version is divine. Signalrunners:

Service inventory for Vista

I have a stumbeled upon a useful site that lists the services found on Vista, their roleand if(in the site owners opinion) they can be turned off to make Vista run faster and useless resources. As always, use at your own risk: 

GPO options reference for Vista

OK, so it has been around for quite some time yet it is useful to remember where to download it from:

iTunes + Vista

As you might have heard there are some compatibility issues(I have been runningthe software for quite some time yet have noticed no issues). If you are experiencing issuestake a look at the following article and repair tool from Apple:

Reset log file generation (Exchange)

Ok,so you actually ran out of transaction files(hopefully you noticed event 514/ESE). A relatively annoying issue with a simple solution: Preform a full backup of the storage group. Dismount all stores inside the storage group(you should verify that your stores are in a “clean” state-eseutil /MH). Create a new directory in a safe place. Copy all existing transaction log files and the checkpoint file to the directory. Mount all stores inside the storage group. Hopefully you are done. If you are experiencing issues you can try copying the original checkpoint file and transactionlog files. Good Luck!