Reset log file generation (Exchange)

Ok,so you actually ran out of transaction files(hopefully you noticed event 514/ESE).

A relatively annoying issue with a simple solution:

  1. Preform a full backup of the storage group.

  2. Dismount all stores inside the storage group(you should verify that your stores are in a “clean” state-eseutil /MH).

  3. Create a new directory in a safe place.

  4. Copy all existing transaction log files and the checkpoint file to the directory.

  5. Mount all stores inside the storage group.

Hopefully you are done. If you are experiencing issues you can try copying the original checkpoint file and transaction
log files.

Good Luck!

2 thoughts on “Reset log file generation (Exchange)

  1. We have had many issues on our small business server with log files filling the hard drive due to exchange automatically turning off circular logging during a full backup…

    The business owner had gotten upset and deleted all logs & set a scheduled task to remove them. Obviously a new checkpoint couldn’t be created. So, thank you.

    Chris Heney
    ISS Manager

  2. Instructions are good but Step 4 is incorrect.

    The transacrion log files and checkpoint file should be moved to the safe directory. Copying them will not work.

    After the files are moved out, when the stores are re-mounted, a new set of transaction log files (with fresh sequence numbers) are created along with a new checkpoint file.

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