Windows 2008 Impressions (Part III):Roles and Features

Another thing that has changed with the advent of Windows 2008 us that we no longer havethe old Add/Remove Programs with us(there is something similar, called Programs and Featuresyet it is for external applications and the link to turning features on and off lead to Server Manager).Instead when we want to augment the functionality of a Windows 2008 based server we can eitheradd ROLES or FEATURES.A role can be thought of as the main function of a server. Keep in mind that a server can haveseveral roles(you are not limited to a specific role). Features on the other hand are … Continue reading Windows 2008 Impressions (Part III):Roles and Features

The Desktop Files:Getting to Know RDP

An article by Wes Miller about the RDP protocol was published in this months Technet Magazine.The articles discusses how the RDP protocol evolved and the changes that can be found in theprotocol as implemented in Vista and Windows 2008.Click here for the article.

Vista Hotfixes,leaked…

Several sites started mentioning hotfixes for Vista that are released to Windows 2008 testers.The patches are supposed to fix reliability issues, performance issues, standby/resume issues and other unnamed issues. There are a couple of very interesting points,as of this moment: Based on benchmarks done by the patches are very promising. The patches were posted and are obtainable on the Internet. Now keep in mind that we are talking about Beta patches(not even mentioning legal ramifications) here so beware…

Microsoft roadmap – ’08 and beyond

Obviously this can not be seen as a binding roadmap as it relates to future events yet it has some interestingpoints. The roadmap comes from a slide used in Steve Ballmer’s presentation at the Finanacial Analysts Meeting (2007). I have seen this posted in several places on the web,one of them is:

Playing games on a widescreen

I have just purchased a new wide screen. I am really happy with it as it provides a very clearand BIG picture. So after installing my new computer (using my new screen) I though that itwas time to give it a run for it’s money with a few games I like. To my surprise I found that some gameswere not able to use the 16:10 ratio and instead of running smoothly I got a stretched out image.After searching the web I have found the following website that tries to help: WSGFW (in short) will try to provide unofficial (and obviously … Continue reading Playing games on a widescreen

Cats are cool…

I like animals,all forms,shapes colors….you name it. But I guess cats are special. As a friend once said:The difference between dogs and cats is that after a dog observes human behavior it contemplatescoming to the following conclusion:1. They provide me with food and water2.They provide me with shelter3.They take care of me when I feel sickThey must be Gods. After a cat observes human behavior it contemplates and comes to the following conclusion:1. They provide me with food and water2.They provide me with shelter3.They take care of me when I feel sickI must be God. Anyway,if you have the time take a … Continue reading Cats are cool…

Windows Server 2008 Component Posters

These two posters, originally published in the July 2007 issue of TechNet Magazine, provide astrong visual tool to aide in the understanding of various features and components of WindowsServer 2008. One poster focuses exclusively on powerful new Active Directory technologies,while the other provides a technical look at a variety of new features available in Windows Server2008 (such as Server Core, Network Access Protection, and more).


With the release of ISABPAV5 comes a new and neat tool (in my opinion)called BPA2VISIO. It’s goal can be perceived from its name, it will use the information gathered by the BPA and based on that information it will create a drawing of how ISA sees the network.Idan Plonsky(ISA Team) provides a short explanation on how to use it on the ISA team blog: