Simplicity at the price of obscurity

Buying a new computer is a happy event. Faster processing times, smoother running graphics
a general feel of joy. You start planning the installation, you customize the environment and then
bad things start to happen.

As we enter the age of simple computing, most applications can be easily installed by running
a setup file then pressing a couple of next buttons and you are done(well there is a short wait
while staring at a progress bar). Now this is very simple if everything succeeds-yet what happens
when the application fails to install?

Specifically what happens if the application fails to install and this happens during the time that you
are staring at the progress bar? Enter frustration. Since there is no meaningful progress indicator(except the bar
which can not be called meaningful) you have no clue as to what is happening to your system during the

In my humble opinion while striving to simplify(or make computing less scary) we should keep in mind that hiding “complexity”
may be the simple path yet it may not be the best path. I prefer to see meaningful information (scary as it may be)
instead of having to guess what wen wrong or at what position my application failed.

Oh,and yes-I bought a new computer,I am installing it and I have not time to breathe…

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