A Guide to Network Monitor 3.1

Network Monitor (and other sniffers) is a tool that provides insight to what really happens on a network, it will display the raw data that is sent over a network. By viewing this data, a system administratoror a network administrator can gain insight as to what is happening in the background – on the network. This insight is significant when troubleshooting a problem that is network related, especially when thesoftware involved does not provide any indication of the problem that is plaguing it.It is odd that yet the majority of people I know have a tendency to shy away from sniffers if they don’t havein-depth … Continue reading A Guide to Network Monitor 3.1

Windows Vista SP1 (Beta)

After tons of speculation it seems that it is finally on the way. According to a post on the WindowsVista blog,SP1 will be released in a Beta version in a few days. The posy also mentions that the service pack will be released in the first quarter of 2008.

hackers @ microsoft blog

A new blog from Microsoft has been opened: hackers @ microsoft.At this stage(obviously), it is unclear as to what direction it will take, yet it seemsinteresting enough to follow:http://blogs.msdn.com/hackers

Microsoft Windows Genuine Advantage (WGA) servers seem down

News of this has been popping up all around the Net. In addition to that I also receiveda few e-mail about it from fellow MVPs. It seems that Microsoft is aware of the issue andtech support say that it might be down for a couple of days(?!?!). The problem is that if you attempt to update your system(Vista), it will go into reduced functionalitymode as it seems to be pirated. Engadget Boing Boing   Personally I haven’t felt it yet…

Inspirational posters inspired by Star Trek

You know those inspirational posters that people used to(maybe still do) hang?Well,when they are inspired by Star Trek they are that much funnier: You can find the rest of them at: http://echosphere.net/star_trek_insp/star_trek_insp.html

iPhone software unlock

Many people were disappointed by the fact that the iPhone could only be used with onecarrier,not only did this limit US owners to a specific carrier it also made it virtually impossiblefor anyone outside the US to use the iPhone (think about the cost…). A crack (or unlock) was inevitable. A hardware unlock surfaced a few days ago, yet it wasn’tfor the faint hearted. Yesterday (or so it seems) the first report of a software unlock finally surfaced on the Engadgetblog. A few hours later a second unlock was reported.   Z-time to play…😉