Phishing Sites and IE7

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I am an Ebay user. As an Ebay user I am a target for phishng attacks. About a week ago I have made a purchase
and I forogt to leave feedback for the seller. A few minutes ago,I received an e-mail saying that I have received
a message from a seller(nothing special for someone who uses Ebay). I was a bit distracted so I pressed the
hyperlink found in the e-mail.

In a second I was transported to a message from IE7 saying that I am trying to reach a site that is reported as
a known site that is used for phishing:

Moral of the story,watch what you click on and good work IE7!

One thought on “Phishing Sites and IE7

  1. Hint to Microsoft… When you prompt users to turn this feature on, offer them an EXAMPLE url of what will happen if they click a “bad” link. Sometimes an example is important!

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