Annoying Vista Hibernate issue

Ever since I have installed Windows Vista I have been missing the option to hibernate. The options
for shutting down Vista have a new member:Sleep. The Sleep option is a relatively good one: it enables
you to put the system into a low energy usage state for 15 minutes(which enables very rapid startup),
and after 15 minutes the system goes into hibernate(shutting down the computer).

Since my Hibernate option was missing, I tried using the sleep option-the problem is that my system
will never go into a hibernation state (I think that this is due to the fact that my system was misconfigured).

I started to look for a way to restore the hibernate option:

powercfg -h on (to enable hibernate)

I verified that the hiberfil.sys does actually exist,but to no avail.

After some digging I found that the reason why hibernate is missing was due to the fact that under the
power options I had the Hybrid Sleep option turned on.
Now finding this option wasn’t simple either:
Control Panel>Power Options>Change When the Computer Sleeps>Change Advanced Power Settings>Sleep>Allow Hybrid Sleep

So I asked myself,what the heck is hybrid sleep- well,hybrid sleep is the solutions for people afraid
of losing their data while their system is in sleep mode,it saves your information to hiberfil.sys but it doesn’t
turn the system off (basically it allows for power failure).

To cut a long story short-if you want the hibernate option back,turn off hybrid sleep(I don’t see the connection,on the other
hand I might be missing something here.


RANT-Why did they have to hide those options under so many layers of menus. As I mentioned in a previous post, I
agree with simplicity but this is ridiculous…

9 thoughts on “Annoying Vista Hibernate issue

  1. Actually, it’s just the opposite. hybrid sleeps suspends your session to memory (RAM) and turns off all other components except memory which is put into a reduced power state. (just enough to save your session). It does not allow for power failure as mentioned above. If there is a power outage while in hybrid sleep all data from that session is lost. Hibernation on the other hand saves the session to disk and powers down all components, thus allowing you to resume a session even after power failure.

  2. Hi VistaGeek,

    Thanks for the feedback.
    The whole point of Hybrid Sleep is to protect you from a power failure yet give you the advantage of a quick recovery. In other words since it saves the information to the hard drive and keeps the system in a low power consumption state even if the electricity goes you are still protected.


  3. Thanks a lot for this. I have Vista Premium on my laptop and have never had this issue. Then I built my desktop with Vista Ultimate 64 and have been scouring my power settings looking for this. Finally I got pissed off and looked online and found this post. Now everything is fixed. Thanks for that.

  4. wow! i searched everywhere and people just keeping saying to use to command option and type in powercfg /hibernate on. i tried that so many times and still failed. you’re my savior.

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