Setting the location for Windows (&SP) source files

Most systems that I install, have a directory with the source files for the operating systemand any service packs installed on the system. The reason for this is obvious: if someone at a laterstage would like to add additional components he shouldn’t have to scramble for the installationCDs. One small,yet very annoying (in my opinion), side effect of not having the source files in the samelocation as they were during installation is a dialog box requesting you to point the systemto the new location (during the installation the systems saves the current location[in majority ofcases the CD drive] and it … Continue reading Setting the location for Windows (&SP) source files

Sysinternals tools

The tools provided by Sysinternals are perceived as a supplement to the resource kit and in short they are likea Swiss army knife of the IT department, and best of all they are freeware. Several examples:BGINFO – adds systems information to the desktop background (IP,host name etc.)REGMON – Monitors changes in the registryFILEMON – Monitors changes on the file systemPSEXEC – Enables the execution of commands on remote machines For more information about the tools that are available you can view a short tour of the toolshere. Sysinternals is currently a part of Microsoft (the tools are still free at ).

A personal one -Nike+

People that know me personally, are aware of the fact that I hate running. I just don’t like it,my philosophy in life is either wait for it as it will come to you or stand and fight-don’t run. Surprisingly enough this changed-and technology is to blame. I discovered Nike+ which allows youto monitor your runs/walks and provides you with all the necessary statistics that will keep you motivated. The device is actually made up of two pieces, a small sensor placed inside or on your shoe anda receiver connected to an iPod Nano). The sensor measures your pace and distance … Continue reading A personal one -Nike+

1TB Optical Disc

1000GB to fit on a disc, wow!That’s a lot of data.  In addition to that the company that has developed it is an Israeli company (whichmakes me proud…). Hi-Tech is still strong over here. The link at Engadget: The companies web site:

Citrix to acquire XenSource

Somewhat surprising but understandable. The question is how will Citrix size up against Microsoftif Microsoft will see them as a competition and not a partner. Official announcement by Citrix Brian Maddens comments

Exchange 2007 and Windows 2008

A post about the interoperability of these two systems has been published on the Exchange teamblog. The highlights are: Exchange 2007 (RTM) can not be installed on Windows 2008. Exchange 2007 SP1 (when released) will be supported on Windows 2008. Exchange 2007 and Exchange 2003 (SP2) are supported with Windows 2008 domains. Management tools for Exchange 2007 (RTM) and 2003 are not supported on Vista or/and Windows 2008. Management tools for Exchange 2007 SP1 (when released) will be supported on Vista or/and Windows 2008. For the additional (somewhat confusing) details,take a look at the post:

Smart Card operated KVM from Raritan

Physical security of a system is one of the most important parts of a layered security plan.You can invest a lot of money in protecting a system from being attacked through the networkbut if you neglect physical security- a perpetrator just needs to walk up to a system (or a device)that provides access to a system and access it… According to Engadget, Raritan provides a KVM to be accessed by a smart card owner only:

Windows 2008 Impressions (Part V): Installing Server Core

Server core is an odd animal. Personally I find it to be an interesting option that provides a greatplatform for a very specialized system,one that you install and then you forget that it exists.I find it hard to believe that it will be adopted as a mainstream platform since it has a very steeplearning curve. I saw a comment to a post about it saying that we have left the black screen behindfor a reason, and there is no reason to embrace it again. Server core provides a platform that has a minimal attack surface, the first thing to be … Continue reading Windows 2008 Impressions (Part V): Installing Server Core