Life on Mars – The TV series (BBC)

It’s true,I am biased. I like almost everything that is made in the UK. Music,movies,musicals and TV shows.
When considering TV shows, they tend to make them short yet to the point. The shows don’t just linger
on for God knows how many chapters, tearing and pulling at a script and characters that are already worn out.

By chance, I have stumbled upon a TV series called ‘Life on Mars’. I won’t spoil it for you (if you decide to take
my recommendation and actually view it) by telling you what it’s about, but I will say that this show is an
example of how the exact quantities of different ingredients to create a masterpiece.

The show has the exact amounts of comedy, drama and action-and it leaves you wanting more…After watching
the last chapter (two seasons, sixteen chapters) I was literally left speechless….

I know,I wrote much and said nothing-if you have the chance watch the show and remember, trust the
Gene (Jean?!) genie!



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