Focusing on the goal

Being involved with different projects (mostly IT and some software) my experience is that
it is very easy to lose track of what is being done and why it’s being done.

Most IT and software projects begin because someone identifies a problem. Someone points
out that there is either something missing or a better way to do things.
Once the problem is stated a solution can be devised (which in itself is not a simple process).

Once the solution is devised, it turns into a project that is broken down into smaller pieces which
in most cases are technical by nature. Based on my experience, this is the point where there is a
tendency to drop the ball. The IT designer/implementer or software developer focus only on the
technology and lose site of the goal.
In such cases there is no clear understanding of what the goal is, tasks are being carried out
since they are on a list(or for technologies sake) but there is no vision to lead the team. Deadlines
are missed and customer satisfaction is low.

Vision may be a big word that might scare off people, yet in the smallest of projects the end goal
must be clear to each and every person involved with it.

Software developers and/or IT designers/implementers tend to think that their role is to either
write code or design/implement a solution-this is where they are wrong, their role is to provide
a solution to a client. Writing code,designing a solution or implementing it, is a mean towards
an end: solving a clients problem!

Jeff Atwood wrote a great post on the subject and he also provides advice on how to prevent
this from happening.

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