The new fashion – Badmouthing Vista

This is starting to get ridiculous, everywhere I look somebody is saying how much
Vista has failed. Every RSS feed I look at (even if its’ about food) screams how
miserably Vista has failed.

I have one thing to say,get over it. Find a different topic.

I don’t want to go into defending Vista or saying why it’s better. I won’t say that I
have sales information about Vista to prove that it’s selling great, I simply find it tiresome
that every Mac or Linux loving editor that has a stage feels the necessity to write an “in-depth”
article with about why Vista failed.
[I am also having bad flashbacks to 2001 (I think) when people were saying that you
don’t need more then Win2K,XP is a flashed up toy…]

This fanboy frenzy is an insult to intelligence, I have not seen one technical reason provided
by technical people as why not to use it. The reasons rotate around:

  1. It doesn’t support old drivers- sadly,it is time to replace the scanner you bought back
    in 1990.

  2. It needs stronger hardware- You don’t want to use it don’t buy new hardware. You don’t
    want to run several VM’s for your lab don’t upgrade RAM, you don’t want to play games
    don’t buy a new video card- what’s the difference?!?!?

  3. OEM manufacturers will be able to sell XP for six more month – erm,so?! What is the
    technical reason here? Maybe they aren’t ready for it? Perhaps there is a learning curve
    in adopting the OS?

Long rant,sorry about that-from someone using a number of operating systems and applications
and thinking that neither is perfect and understanding that a perfect piece of software will never

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