TechNet Webcast: Extending Windows Server 2008 Active Directory Management with Windows Features (Level 300)

Event Overview Join us to learn about the capabilities in the Windows Vista and Windows Server 2008 operating systems that enable new management scenarios. We explain how system administrators of the Active Directory directory service can use these capabilities to ease their day-to-day life and ensure smoother deployments and monitoring of their infrastructures. In this session, we briefly review the Microsoft WS-Management implementation under Windows and discuss how, as an Active Directory administrator, you can use its new set of features securely. Through practical examples, we demonstrate how the new Windows Remote Management (WinRM), Windows Remote Shell, and event forwarding … Continue reading TechNet Webcast: Extending Windows Server 2008 Active Directory Management with Windows Features (Level 300)

Deployment 4

Deployment 4 is the code name for the next version of Business Desktop Deployment (BDD) 2007 and unifies the tools and processes required for desktop and server deployment into a common deployment console and collection of guidance. For the thousands of IT professionals already trained on BDD 2007, Deployment 4 requires minimal extra training to perform large-scale Windows Server 2008 and Windows Server 2003 deployments, while offering a further enhanced desktop deployment experience. For the full post visit the deployment team blog at:Announcing the Release of Deployment 4 Beta

Microsoft Speech Recognition Blog

Speech recognition, may be the next step in the evolution of computer interfaces. If brought to the level of replacing current input devices it will change the way we use computers, although in my personal (and humble) opinion I don’t see it replacingkeyboards as the mainstream input device. I think that it will be implement in specific situation where it is comfortable to use withone word commands, on the other I may be very wrong. In the meantime,if you are interested in speech recognition, Microsoft has opened a newblog on the subject at:

Maximum length of Environment Variables (Windows)

I was asked what is the maximum length of the Path environment variable…To be honestI was somewhat surprised by the question,how do you reach a point where this is a question?Well,since it was a serious question, I looked it up and found the following KB article : 830473. Now before you scream at me (as happened with the person asking the question), that the length specified is for CMD,read the following: “This limitation applies to the command line, individual environment variables (such as the PATH variable) that are inherited by other processes, and all environment variable expansions.”

Me-Well,kind of…

I received this caricature of myself and the resemblance is frightening…(seriously) 😉 : The artist behind the caricature is Amit Cohen. You can visit his site for his works and contact details. Thanks Amit!

World of Warcraft – The study of human behavior?

I have seen a couple of mentions of WoW being used as a model for researching human behavior,and as a player(in the past) I find these articles fascinating. I have always thought of the game asan alternate world in which you can build a life for yourself. A life in which the choices you takeare dictated by your personality.  The creators of the game have decided to spice things up thus creating an epidemic (or plague)which spread as a virus would (coming in contact with infected players). In order to avoid the destruction of the world created inside the game, the creators limited the … Continue reading World of Warcraft – The study of human behavior?

Microsoft and Sun to support each other

Microsoft and Sun have announced on the 12th of September that they will support each otherin the fields of virtualization(Windows on Sun and Solaris on Windows) and support for WindowsServer on Sun x64 systems. Take a look at the blog post on the Windows Server blog.