iPhone runs everything as root?

This might be somewhat old but it still strikes me as odd. It seems that every process
on the iPhone runs as root, which basically means that if one process is breached it will
have full access to the whole system.

When looking at this situation, on one hand you might be confident that your software
has no security flaw, thus you have nothing to worry about or you have made a mistake.

A process/user should not run with higher privileges then the ones he really needs, even
administrators should be limited- if they need to use their admin privileges it should be
done in a controlled environment both technically and mentally (be afraid…very afraid…ok,
not afraid but aware of the fact that you can wipe out your companies information).

For additional information take a look at the following post on the Metaspolit blog and the
following message on Neophasis Archives (Full Disclosure).

One thought on “iPhone runs everything as root?

  1. Same thing for my Windows Mobile device. Everything runs as the same user. Come to think of it, all of these Nokia devices would suffer from the same problem.

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