Vista file copy issues

It seems that when you copy a very large number of files on Windows Vista, at some stage(due to a
memory leak) you will get a message announcing that you have run out of memory. My system has 4GB,
and I wasn’t running anything else except the copy process so I understood something was wrong.

After a bit of searching I found that this is a known issue and that there is a hotfix out there:

The only major problem I see here is that you have to contact the Microsoft Online Customer Services to
obtain the hotfix. I have past experience with these guys and they are good but they are not instantaneous.

I am trying to copy some files-and I am stuck,why can’t I have the hotfix??


UPDATE:Got the hotfix in less then 3 hours,applied it-problem solved!

4 thoughts on “Vista file copy issues

  1. Hi Ralph,

    Thanks for the link,the problem is as I mentioned that this is not an instantaneous process:
    “To obtain this Hotfix, please submit your request via this form to Microsoft Online Customer Service and Support – you should expect to receive a download link via email from Microsoft within 8 business hours.”

  2. Thanks Robert,

    I wasn’t familiar with that site. Looks like a good resource for home usage. I am not sure that I would trust it when applying a hotfix on production servers (on the other hand when you are in a tough spot it might come handy).

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