In the last couple of days several blog posts about MinWin sprung up. I don’t want
to contribute to the echo chamber effect yet the notion seems so exciting that I
felt the need to mention it.

I have no accurate details about it, and I am basing what I write here on the information
floating around so hang on:

MinWin is a core version (nothing to do with Server Core), of Windows. MinWin seems
to have a new windows kernel to replace the one being used today in the upcoming
versions of Windows (Windows 7).

MinWin will not be sold and it is an internal version used at Microsoft upon which an OS
can be built. It’s current size is approximately 25MB, it has no graphic subsystem (hence
the ASCII Windows logo).

The commotion about MinWin begun after a talk about virtualization (at the university of Illinois)
given by Eric Traut (Distinguished Engineer at Microsoft) where he provided a short demo of MinWin.

A couple of blog posts that may provide additional information are:

Stripped-down ‘MinWin’ kernel to be at the core of Windows 7 and more (Mary Jo Foley)

Eric Traut talks (and demos) Windows 7 and MinWin (Long Zheng)

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