Optimizing Vista services

To have Windows Vista use less resources(actually any operating system) it is advisable to stop
all unnecessary services. The problem is that in some/most cases people are not sure as to which services
can be safely disabled. To help with solving the dilemma there is a useful web site by Black Viper that provides the
list of service found in Vista (their purpose) and wether it is relatively safe to stop them:


Keep in mind that the recommendations on the site are just that. I have been using Black Vipers lists
since Windows 2000,and in my opinion they are safe, yet each person uses his or her system differently:
I don’t use offline files,so I turned the service off,yet you may be using a piece of software that will break
if you turn that specific service off…

Use common sense when changing the status of a service, and experiment in order to find the correct
balance. In my opinion one advantage of using such a list(service list) is that while verifying your services
you begin to understand how your operating system functions.

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