ADMX Migrator

The ADMX Migrator is a snap-in for the Microsoft Management Console (MMC) that simplifies the process of converting your existing Group Policy ADM Templates to the new ADMX format and provides a graphical user interface for creating and editing Administrative Templates.

Active Directory Replication (Revisited)

One of the least understood topics in Active Directory is replication. Laura E. Hunterwrote a new article about it (which also covers the changes in Windows 2008) for theOctober issue of the TechNet magazine. Check it out at:

Optimizing Vista services

To have Windows Vista use less resources(actually any operating system) it is advisable to stopall unnecessary services. The problem is that in some/most cases people are not sure as to which servicescan be safely disabled. To help with solving the dilemma there is a useful web site by Black Viper that provides thelist of service found in Vista (their purpose) and wether it is relatively safe to stop them: Keep in mind that the recommendations on the site are just that. I have been using Black Vipers listssince Windows 2000,and in my opinion they are safe, yet each person uses his or her system differently:I … Continue reading Optimizing Vista services


In the last couple of days several blog posts about MinWin sprung up. I don’t wantto contribute to the echo chamber effect yet the notion seems so exciting that Ifelt the need to mention it. I have no accurate details about it, and I am basing what I write here on the informationfloating around so hang on: MinWin is a core version (nothing to do with Server Core), of Windows. MinWin seemsto have a new windows kernel to replace the one being used today in the upcomingversions of Windows (Windows 7). MinWin will not be sold and it is an internal … Continue reading MinWin

Vista file copy issues

It seems that when you copy a very large number of files on Windows Vista, at some stage(due to a memory leak) you will get a message announcing that you have run out of memory. My system has 4GB,and I wasn’t running anything else except the copy process so I understood something was wrong. After a bit of searching I found that this is a known issue and that there is a hotfix out there: The only major problem I see here is that you have to contact the Microsoft Online Customer Services toobtain the hotfix. I have past experience with … Continue reading Vista file copy issues

Keeping tabs on Terminology changes

An interesting issue I have encountered when using Microsoft products is that terminologieschange from one version to another. Some features are simply renamed (while others are changedor removed all together). The table at the following link will help you adjust your lingo,mainly ,for Exchange:

I want one

Storage is becoming a problem. We tend to accumulate so much information thatwe run out of storage space at alarming rates. Another alarming issue is backup.Hard drives are getting bigger with time,but it’s never enough-and as I said you needbackup (losing all your pictures and other files is no fun,as Z will testify). Another issue with storage is that it has to be accessible and simple to use both logicallyand physically, in this case I am focusing on the physical part. There are tons of USB enclosures that can be used to connect hard drives to a system, yet in most … Continue reading I want one

USB batteries

To some of you this may be old news, I still found it cool so check it out: You can find more information about them at:

HEROES happen {here}

A new site dedicated to the launch events of Windows 2008, Visual Studio 2008 and SQL Server 2008has been unveiled. According to the site it will:“Coming soon this site will provide you the portal for all launch information, event registration, learning resources and new and fun way where you can highlight how technology has made you a Hero. You will be able to experience launch in a whole new way from interactive community tools and forums, new demonstrations and online training options, and even a never before seen surprise from Microsoft which will enable you to experience launch in a … Continue reading HEROES happen {here}

Temporary e-mail address

Anonymity is a commodity that most of us have lost in this age. At times though, you maystill attempt to seek anonymity so you can avoid being hit by a barrage of junk or due to thefact that you do not trust a specific website(that requires you to register using a valid e-mail address)that you wish to use (oxymoron,but curiosity did kill the cat-who can blame him?!). For such cases I have found the following service:10 Minute Mail. You will be provided with an address for 10 minutes and a web interface to manage received messages. Note that you can prolong the validity period but I … Continue reading Temporary e-mail address