Netscape abandoned

Even though I am a true fan of Microsoft when I saw this my heart missed a beat.

Careful:Rant Coming Up!

Ok,so it’s really not that nice to criticize something that others have built,yet in this caseI simply can’t help it! I have been trying to build a Vista unattended installation for a few hours now (finally I succeeded) and at some stage I actually stopped and asked myself- is the time that it’s takingme to build the answer file worth it? Will it really save me enough time on each and every installationto be worth the time I am investing now? I agree that unattended installation is more of an art then an accurate science,yet with Vista it hasturned ridiculous. … Continue reading Careful:Rant Coming Up!

Monitoring Vista’s Reliability and Health

Windows Vista provides a couple of interesting tools that can help it’s user (or an IT Technician)with monitoring its health. I know that this comparison is going to sound a bit odd yet thesetools are similar to what a doctor uses when looking at a patient. The first tool that I will describeis called ‘Reliability Monitor’,this tool provides the ‘patients’ history. The second tool is a report ofthe current status and it is called:’System Health Report’. Reliability Monitor The reliability monitor will provide information about a systems history. The information provided can be divided into two groups:quick and in-depth. The … Continue reading Monitoring Vista’s Reliability and Health

An Interview with Mark Russinovich (Channel 9)

I heard Mark Russinovich speak at Tech-Ed Europe in Barcelona (2003) and I foundit to be a great experience, now that he is a part of Microsoft what he has to sayhas additional weight since he is a part of the team that works on the Windows kerneland additional goodies… I highly recommend taking the 40 minutes and watching the interview with Mark at:

System information at the command line

Ever wanted to get information about your system at the command line?You could try using the ‘systeminfo’ command that provides a lot of technical informationabout the local system, or remote systems. Among the information provided you can find: Hardware informationOS informationHotfix information

Changes to remote administration in Windows 2008

The Terminal Services Team blog has a good post about these changes. One of the mostobvious changes is the fact that the /console switch is gone. Remote administration has alwaysbeen an valuable tool for Windows (actually since Windows 2000), the /console switch was animprovement as it allowed you to use the console directly-but now it changes again as the /consoleswitch is swapped for the /admin switch.

WindowsPE – Charting a new environment

A bit late(ok,very late!), WinPE got my attention. WinPE is a subset of a Microsoft based OS, in it’scurrent version (2.0)-Vista. At it’s essence, WinPE is a stripped down version of Vista that enables you to boot a system to an OS that is not installed on the system but still be able to manipulate this system. The OSitself (WinPE) will be “installed/saved” on either a network, a CD or some type of flash drive. Once started,WinPE loads into run and it provides you with a Vista like environment, to do one of the following: Troubleshoot– a crippled system. Install … Continue reading WindowsPE – Charting a new environment

Supporting from above and below

First of all I am finally writing this post from my laptop in bed, which is very comfortable…so now I really feel like a geek… In the last few weeks I had to look at a probl…er challenge from two different angles. The firstis one that I am used to and comfortable with- I control the network,I have full privilegesand administrative rights on the environment allowing me access to every method I wish. The second angle I had to analyze, is an unfamiliar one:I had to resolve the same problemwithout having administrative privileges,looking from the bottom up. There is no … Continue reading Supporting from above and below