Supporting from above and below

First of all I am finally writing this post from my laptop in bed, which is very
comfortable…so now I really feel like a geek…

In the last few weeks I had to look at a probl…er challenge from two different angles. The first
is one that I am used to and comfortable with- I control the network,I have full privileges
and administrative rights on the environment allowing me access to every method I wish.

The second angle I had to analyze, is an unfamiliar one:I had to resolve the same problem
without having administrative privileges,looking from the bottom up.

There is no doubt that when you work from the bottom up, you need to work a lot harder yet
the challenge is greater. You have no access to standard tools such as GPOs so you have to
get creative…

You may think that this is a futile experiment, yet in our day and age most large companies
employ system administrators at their remote branches. These sysadmins have to face this
challenge on a daily basis,and believe me it’s not an easy one…

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