Careful:Rant Coming Up!

Ok,so it’s really not that nice to criticize something that others have built,yet in this case
I simply can’t help it!

I have been trying to build a Vista unattended installation for a few hours now (finally I
succeeded) and at some stage I actually stopped and asked myself- is the time that it’s taking
me to build the answer file worth it? Will it really save me enough time on each and every installation
to be worth the time I am investing now?

I agree that unattended installation is more of an art then an accurate science,yet with Vista it has
turned ridiculous.
Given,unattended setups exist mostly for IT oriented people and not the average person but I would
sill expect a friendlier way to create a basic answer file upon which a more complex solution can be built
(e.g. SETUMPGR).

End of RANT(and the usual disclaimer that this is my personal opinion and nothing else…it may be
incorrect,dumb,stupid and idiotic all at once…).

Later on I intend to write about my adventures with building the answer file and actually the whole process
of building a deployment ready Vista…

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