Adding Drivers to WinPE

WinPe is a basic operating system that is based on Vista’s core and can be loaded from
detachable media such as a DVD, CD or Disk On Key. This OS comes in handy if you need
“offline” access to a system.

An additional advantage of WinPE is that it is customizable (described in a previous post).

So,armed with this knowledge I tried to start WinPE on a laptop that had a relatively special
mass storage device. To my surprise (ok,I wasn’t that surprised…) I couldn’t access the
hard drive.

The solution was obvious, the mass storage device driver has to be added to my copy of WinPE.
Since WinPE is very flexible, this task is relatively simple:

  1. Mount the WIM file – WinPE holds the OS files inside a WIM file:
    imagex /mountrw <drive letter>\ISO\sources\boot.wim <destination>
  2. Add the driver – To add the driver you will be using the peimg.exe command:
    peimg.exe /inf=<location of inf file> <location of mounted image>\Windows
  3. Unmount the image:
    imagex.exe /unmount <location of mounted image>

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