Windows Automated Installation Kit 1.1

With support for Vista’s SP1 and Windows 2008.

New features in the Windows AIK

  • Supports Windows Vista Service Pack 1 and Windows Server 2008

  • Supports for Windows Server 2008 ServerManagerCmd.exe. Documents how to build answer files for the Server Manager CLI used to install and to remove Windows Server 2008 roles, role services, and features.

  • Support for Windows Server 2008 ICT (Initial Configuration Tasks).  Documents schema definitions how to add tasks, links, and branding material to the out-of-box experience.

  • Supports Windows Setup cross-platform deployment. You can install 64-bit version of Windows from a 32-bit preinstallation environment WinPE.

  • Contains Windows PE 2.1.

    • Boot from Hard Disk. Support for booting directly from the hard disk, not into RAM Disk.

    • Oscdimg tool. Updated features including support for larger images.

    • Writable RAM drive. When booting from read-only media, Windows PE automatically creates a writable RAM disk (drive X) and allocates 32 megabytes (MB) of the RAM disk for general-purpose storage. You can customize the size up to 512 MB using PEImg /scratchspace.

  • Contains several new tools (%programFiles%\Windows AIK\Tools\<platform>)

    • Driver Package Installer (DPInst).  Add non-boot critical drivers during Windows Setup using the Driver Package Installer (DPInst)

    • Boot critical driver projection tool (PostReflect.exe).

    • Windows Vista SP1 Files Removal Tool (VSP1Cln.exe).  Remove archived Vista RTM files and reclaim disk space after Windows Vista SP1 is applied.

    • Windows Deployment Services Multicast (WDSmcast.exe).  WDSmcast.exe is used by computers to join multicast transmissions offered by a Windows Server 2008 based WDS (Windows Deployment Server).  More about this in an upcoming blogpost…

  • Contains Windows Vista Deployment Error Diagnostic Guide.  Describes how to diagnose error logs related to deploying Windows Vista, specifically how to interpret errors related to Windows Setup (Setup.exe) and Package Manager (Pkgmgr.exe).

Download it here.

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