Slipstreaming Vista SP1 (or why you can’t)

I wrote about this approximately a week ago,saying that I could not understand why
SP1 can not be slipstreamed. Well, a week passed an I noticed a post from Kevin Remde
that explains why it can’t be done (Thanks Kevin!).

In essence what Kevin is saying is that since the mechanism that facilitates seamless integration
of updates into offline WIM images is being updated by SP1 you can’t update an offline WIM image.

In other words you can’t replace a broken pipe while the water is still flowing…trust me,I tried it.


To be honest,I understand the logic-am I happy about it? Nope…It might not be “as a big a set-back
as some of you seem to think it is” (quoted from Kevin’s comments) but it is still very annoying if you
have a large number of customized images that you need to deploy SP1 to…

Let me rephrase that,not annoying but costly. Rebuilding each image takes approximately three to five
hours,now consider this in the light of having almost every IT department work under the mantra of “do
more with less…” and you have a lot of work to be handled by teams that are already overworked…

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