Killing Explorer (softly…)

Most of us had to kill explorer.exe (the Windows shell) once in a while. At times
you have to kill it as it misbehaves and at others you simply want to see the results
of the customization you have applied.

The most familiar way to do it is to open the Task Manager and kill the explorer.exe.
Yesterday I found a new way,press the Start button (orb) hold Control+Shift down
and right click on an empty area in the Start Menu…Presto! You have an option called
‘Exit Explorer’ (personally I would have preferred Kill Explorer,but hey…).


Credit should be given where credit is due, I “discovered” this neat option by chance when I
stumbled upon a blog/site (can’t really tell the difference these days) called ‘the How-To Geek’
that has a large number of very cool tips for the computer user,check it out!

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