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Not the clearest of titles yet I am guessing that most of you understand where I am
going with this…Outlook has a very useful feature that caches the used e-mail address
to enable fast access to them.

In other words, once you use an address it is cached by Outlook. When you start typing
a new address Outlook will provide you with a list of cached addresses based on the partial
information you provide (hence the autocomplete part).

So,hopefully at this stage you must be asking yourself where is this cache stored??

Enter N2K-the cache is actually saved in a file called Outlook.N2K (Outlook 2007) located at
the following path:


Controlling the cache

The simplest way to control the cache is to manually delete entries by choosing the address you
would like to delete and pressing ‘Delete’.

You can clear the cache altogether by deleting the aforementioned file, it will be recreated and
repopulated based on the new addresses.

Migrating the cache

If you want to continue using the cache when you move to a new system all you need to do is copy it…

Getting additional power

We all love power,so getting more is a no-brainer…

Nirsoft has a very useful tool called N2KView, which will allow you to edit the file, add entries to it and a
few additional goodies…



Schnitzel Dcat rulez!

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  1. Thank goodness for you buddy boy! I’ve been going nutzo trying to figure this thing out!
    U R A lifesaver! Tanks!

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