No wait for SP1 with Windows 2008

This has been floating around for some time now but since Windows2008 and Vista use the same core Windows 2008 has SP1 already integratedinto it: So,all those people that want to wait for SP1 will have to find a new mantra…

Microsoft SharedView

Found this relatively useful tool from Microsoft (still in Beta) that allows you to shareyour desktop in a virtual meeting with friends colleagues or anyone else for that matter. The installation is simple (very lightweight-4MB), easy to setup with a Windows Live IDand you can start creating sessions (check out the feature that adds a name tag to a mousepointer-so you know who is who…): Download it at:

Mind controlled games

A lot has changed in the world of computers. Systems have evolved from being verybasic to very complex, the communication revolution and other less notable changes.One thing that was relatively stable is the way we interact with computers: keyboard,mouse, joystick…nothing too exciting. Lately several new technologies that threaten to change the way we interact withcomputers have appeared- touch screens and now mind control(!?!). A company called Emotiv Systems, is working on a headset (Epoc) that will enable the user tocontrol games by thought…I have got to get me one of those!

Frozen RAM and Bitlocker (can it be defeated?)

This came as no surprise to me, yet when you see something theoretical being appliedit always manages to give you a jolt…especially if you consider the timing. During the last week I was (and still am) planning a series of posts about Bitlocker.In (very) short,Bitlocker is a Windows Vista technology that encrypts your hard drive as a unit. To access the data you need to provide some type of a key that releases the key used to decrypt (and encrypt) your data into RAM. The main advantage of Bitlocker is it’s ability to protect your data even if someone managesto … Continue reading Frozen RAM and Bitlocker (can it be defeated?)

Y2K, N2K, Outlook, Autocomplete, Cache

Not the clearest of titles yet I am guessing that most of you understand where I am going with this…Outlook has a very useful feature that caches the used e-mail address to enable fast access to them. In other words, once you use an address it is cached by Outlook. When you start typing a new address Outlook will provide you with a list of cached addresses based on the partial information you provide (hence the autocomplete part). So,hopefully at this stage you must be asking yourself where is this cache stored?? Enter N2K-the cache is actually saved in a … Continue reading Y2K, N2K, Outlook, Autocomplete, Cache

Killing Explorer (softly…)

Most of us had to kill explorer.exe (the Windows shell) once in a while. At timesyou have to kill it as it misbehaves and at others you simply want to see the resultsof the customization you have applied. The most familiar way to do it is to open the Task Manager and kill the explorer.exe.Yesterday I found a new way,press the Start button (orb) hold Control+Shift down and right click on an empty area in the Start Menu…Presto! You have an option called‘Exit Explorer’ (personally I would have preferred Kill Explorer,but hey…).   Credit should be given where credit is … Continue reading Killing Explorer (softly…)

Slipstreaming Vista SP1 (or why you can’t)

I wrote about this approximately a week ago,saying that I could not understand whySP1 can not be slipstreamed. Well, a week passed an I noticed a post from Kevin Remdethat explains why it can’t be done (Thanks Kevin!). In essence what Kevin is saying is that since the mechanism that facilitates seamless integrationof updates into offline WIM images is being updated by SP1 you can’t update an offline WIM image. In other words you can’t replace a broken pipe while the water is still flowing…trust me,I tried it.   To be honest,I understand the logic-am I happy about it? Nope…It … Continue reading Slipstreaming Vista SP1 (or why you can’t)

Feeds Plus for IE7

Since most of us use RSS feeds, we always look for enhancements in the way we read them.The RSS team at Microsoft released a nice tool that provides additional features to the IE7 built-inreader. My favorite is the ability to receive alerts about new items in a specific feed. You can get the add-in here.

Administrative Mode Terminal issues…

This was an annoying one. In Windows 2003 you have the Administrative Mode terminal thatallows you to have two standard connection and one “console” connection using RDP (a total ofthree (3) concurrent connections). Well, that is true if the server has not decided to misbehave. In my case it did. After having two connections to the server (in any combination,console and standard)the server would not allow a third. Not only would it not allow a third connection but the client alsoprovided the oddest error message: Once one of the two connected would disconnect all of sudden the server was found … Continue reading Administrative Mode Terminal issues…