Reclaiming disk space after Vista SP1 installation

After thinking about it, I came to the conclusion that this deserves a post of it’s own. The installation process of SP1 for Vista backs up all the files that it replaces to allow you to uninstall it.  If you are in dire need of free disk space you can use an integrated tool called Vsp1clean.exe (aka SP1 File Removal Tool). This tool will remove all the files that the installation backed up providing you with the additional disk space at the price of not being able to uninstall the service pack. So we will start with a copy of … Continue reading Reclaiming disk space after Vista SP1 installation

Windows Automated Installation Kit 1.1

With support for Vista’s SP1 and Windows 2008. New features in the Windows AIK Supports Windows Vista Service Pack 1 and Windows Server 2008 Supports for Windows Server 2008 ServerManagerCmd.exe. Documents how to build answer files for the Server Manager CLI used to install and to remove Windows Server 2008 roles, role services, and features. Support for Windows Server 2008 ICT (Initial Configuration Tasks).  Documents schema definitions how to add tasks, links, and branding material to the out-of-box experience. Supports Windows Setup cross-platform deployment. You can install 64-bit version of Windows from a 32-bit preinstallation environment WinPE. Contains Windows PE … Continue reading Windows Automated Installation Kit 1.1

Vista SP1 deployment rants…

So since SP1 is finally final, I started playing around with it. One of the most importantfeatures for me was the ability to deploy it. So,wanting to hear it from the horses mouth,I downloaded the Windows Vista SP1 Guides for IT Professionals. After going over it I found a few points that surprised me: No option to slipstream. Integrating the SP into the OS is not possible althougha version that will have SP1 integrated will be made available (?!?). The SP can not be applied to an offline copy of Windows. This is kind of obviousif you read the previous … Continue reading Vista SP1 deployment rants…

Adding Drivers to WinPE

WinPe is a basic operating system that is based on Vista’s core and can be loaded fromdetachable media such as a DVD, CD or Disk On Key. This OS comes in handy if you need“offline” access to a system. An additional advantage of WinPE is that it is customizable (described in a previous post). So,armed with this knowledge I tried to start WinPE on a laptop that had a relatively specialmass storage device. To my surprise (ok,I wasn’t that surprised…) I couldn’t access thehard drive. The solution was obvious, the mass storage device driver has to be added to my … Continue reading Adding Drivers to WinPE

Tweaking Vista

Visa has tons of tweaking options. You can customize and personalizeyour environment by gathering the tweaks manually or using an applicationI stumbled upon called: WinBubble. This application provide a simple GUI to tweaking Vista. For additional details on the application go to:

Sigma 200-500 f/2.8 EX DG

It has been a while since I had time to mess around with photography but stillthere are things that will always get my attention: Sigma, a well known (and relatively affordable) lens and camera manufacturer announced that it will be creating a 200-500 lens that will provide f/2.8 at 500mm. This is a big deal,actually it’shuge(16kg) but if you want to take shots of wildlife with range and aperture flexibility this is thething you have been waiting for. The look of the lens is very military-ish, on the other hand they can claim that the color is to allowcamouflaging of … Continue reading Sigma 200-500 f/2.8 EX DG

Microsoft to buy Yahoo! ?? It seems that Microsoft has made an offer of 44.6 billion (the 0.6 being important) for Yahoo!.The search world has always been an interesting one, I can still remember the time that Yahoo! actuallydominated the Internet search world. If this does happen, it will be very interesting to see how Microsoft will utilize the purchase as a competitive edge against Google.