Windows NT Backup – Restore Utility (Vista & Win2k8)

The fact that NT Backup is nowhere to be found on Vista and Windows 2008 disappointed me.Given, NT Backup wasn’t the tool of choice for backing up systems but I always had the comfortof knowing that it’s there in the background and that if I needed a quick and dirty solutionit would help me out… There are several solutions for this problem,one of them is to copy over a few files and haveNT Backup up and running again (not sure if this doesn’t violate the EULA though). A naggingquestion though is what happens if you ran a backup on Win2k3 … Continue reading Windows NT Backup – Restore Utility (Vista & Win2k8)

Perception is everything or who is more secure: Microsoft or Apple

Continuing my Microsoft fanboy weekend- In an article called: Microsoft vs. Apple: Who patches zero-days faster? (by Computeworld) the writer describes a research done by the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology. The research looked at how many times in the pastsix years did the two vendors (Microsoft and Apple) have a patch ready for a zero dayvulnerability. In other words they tried to designate (using statistics) which of the two companies isbetter to react when a vulnerability is discovered. Well the result was/is surprising to manyas it turns out that according to the results Apple lags in patching. An additional … Continue reading Perception is everything or who is more secure: Microsoft or Apple

RSAT for Vista SP1

Microsoft® Remote Server Administration Tools enables IT administrators toremotely manage roles and features in Windows Server® 2008 from a computerrunning Windows Vista® with Service Pack 1 (SP1). Download

MacBook Air Hacked in 2 minutes…

Ok,so as a Microsoft fanboy it is my turn to gloat. Vista Ultimate still stands strongafter the 2nd day of the PWN 2 OWN contest. Basically the contest provides threelaptops that have Windows Vista Ultimate, OSX 10.5.2 and Ubuntu. The hacker receives a prize of 10k and the laptop he hacks… After the first day(only network attacks were allowed) all three systems were still standingon the 2nd day contestants were allowed to instruct organizers to work on thesystems…Charlie Miller (responsible for the first iPhone hack) pointed one of the organizersto a website-and that was it (2 minutes). Ok,so I am … Continue reading MacBook Air Hacked in 2 minutes…


You see I know changeI see changeI embody changeAll we do is changeYeah, I know changeWe are born to changeWe sometimes regard it as a metaphorThat reflects the way things ought to beIn fact change takes timeIt exceeds expectationsIt requires both now and thenSee although the players changeThe song remains the sameAnd the truth isYou gotta have the balls to change   Change (Vinnie Jones Intro) – Joss Stone   It’s been five years and it was fun…so leaving does feel odd/sad. The people were greatbut most of all the pride of being part of this group was great…So, Sally,Shiri … Continue reading Change

Windows Vista SP1 available (since Tuesday)

Yes I know,a bit late and no I don’t want to get a haircut(you know who you are). So after these cryptic messages do I have something new to tell you about this release?Not really,except that finally all those holding out until SP1 can finally install Vista andthat SP1 comes packed with a few new cool features (e.g. the ability to apply Bitlockerencryption to all volumes including flash based ones…). In addition to that you may also want take a look at the list of incompatible drivers thatmay block the SP from being installed: So if you have the time … Continue reading Windows Vista SP1 available (since Tuesday)

MacBook Air with Vista

It was bound to happen. I even thought of doing it but obviously someonemanaged to beat me to it. For the full review (by X-bit labs)of how it preformed take a look at:

Ejecting USB devices

Since the advent of USB devices the question of their ejection has always been looming,specificallyfor storage devices? Is it safe to remove them,will I lose the data I saved to them? After losingquite a few files this way I have decided to safely eject every device I have by using the SafelyRemove Hardware dialog box. The problem with this dialog box is that first of all you need to find it in an already cluttered systemstray. The second problem is that it is confusing and if you do not want to disconnect the incorrectyou need to double click the item … Continue reading Ejecting USB devices

The arrival of the cloud – Apocalypse for IT departments?

[Disclaimer:This is a rant, or my opinion on a specific subject. You may agree withme,you may disagree with me (use the comments) but these are still my opinionsand no one else’s…] In recent weeks Microsoft has announced that it will be providing access to several of it’s products as managed services. In other words, if you own a company that is interested in one of Microsoft’s products yet you don’t want to mess around with the design, setup, deployment  and maintenance of the product you can purchase it as a service. Among the services announced we can find: Microsoft Exchange … Continue reading The arrival of the cloud – Apocalypse for IT departments?